Collingsworth General Hospital and Collingsworth Family Medicine to Restrict Access to Visitors

Each and every day COVID-19 continues to accelerate and the Texas Health and Human Services has issued updated and expanded guidance from Governor Greg Abbott for our hospitals to follow on access to our facilities. 

WE ARE OPEN, however we are taking this very seriously and will be taken the following measures to be proactive to stop the potential spread and threat of COVID-19.

Beginning at 6 pm today Collingsworth General Hospital will be limiting access to one visitor per hospitalized patient.   We are also asking that the patients seeking health care at our clinic to not bring extra people with you to your appointment. 

All visitors to Collingsworth General Hospital must meet the following criteria:  

  • Visitors must be 16 years or older
  • Visitors must be fever-free
  • Visitors must be cough-free.
  • After a patient’s one visitor leaves, another may enter. 
  • Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis and include visitors for any patients nearing the end of life.  

All traffic into our hospital will be limited to two entrances. Outpatient’s presenting to the hospital for testing or treatment must enter the Business Office entrance Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm.  Visitors and Vendors will also need to enter through this entrance during business hours. Patient with emergent needs will enter through the Hospital/ER entrance. After business hours, all visitors will be screened accordingly at the Hospital/ER entrance.

Collingsworth Family Medicine entry will continue to be the front entrance of the clinic. Everyone entering through any entrance will be screened for elevated temperature, respiratory symptoms and travel history. Once cleared by screening, a colored bracelet will be provided to you which will allow entrance to the facility for that date.  

If you suspect you have been exposed or may have this illness, please CALL your doctor’s office directly. Ask about a screening by phone.

There are no suspected cases of COIVD-19 in Wellington at this time. There is no lab testing available without having signs and symptoms of the illness, and Texas Department of State Health services must approve the testing. 

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.  CGH will continue to stay up to date and educate you with information as it becomes available.

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